About Us

What is Sookah Company?

Sookah Company was created back in 2012 with the intention of bringing island fashion designers to a one stop online boutique. We had a lot of interests when we started this concept but we did not execute it well. So, we want back to the drawing board and decided to rebrand ourselves. We started with our limited edition watch line which two of our limited edition pieces were sold out the moment we put it up for preorder back in late June 2020. With the success of our launch, we decided to keep doing watches and also add our bag collection. The vision for the new SOOKAH Company is now a one stop shop for elegant accessories from luxury watches, to fashionable handbags & more. 

Get to know Founder and CEOLei Lomaloma  

Sookah Company was founded by Lei Lomaloma who has always displayed a fondness for finer accessories to compliment any outfit for any occasion. Lei was always a driven person with a hustler mindset. She decided to name her company "Sookah" after her grandmother Marica "Suka" who had passed away early on in 2012. The name Sookah came easy to her because she had always wanted to be like her grandmother, who was one of the most charismatic business minded person that she has ever met. No one could beat her creativity and her ability to create something out of nothing and turn that nothing into profit. Her grandmother was the driving force behind Lei's hustler mindset and it was always a dream of hers to be able to own her own successful company. After years of traveling abroad and in every city from Paris to Suva, she would discover that no matter where she went, the one thing that she would see when she stepped off the airplane are that most people around the globe wear watches. So, she decided to start her business making watches. The idea to make watches came easy to her because growing up she had always associated someone owning a watch or wearing a watch means that they are successful. With much success with her luxury watch line, she decided to dabble with high quality bags with reasonable prices. Her vision for Sookah's future is bright and we want to thank each and everyone of you for being a part of this growing company. Thank you for all your support. We truly appreciate it.


Social Media Coordinator/Ambassador
Pat Mari (Patricia Gasaiwai)
Email: patmaribusiness@gmail.com